You can distribute leads from specific sources to specific people, For eg, you may want any leads from Facebook should only go to recipient A and leads from IndiaMART should go to recipient B. 3Sigma provides users the ability to configure source wise leads distribution

Follow the below steps to setup Source wise lead distribution:

1) tap setting >lead distribution >Source wise
2)Tap the source for which you want to configure leads.
3)Tap round-robin or weighted lead distribution as per your requirements.
2)Tap plus sign to add lead recipients and enter details including particular weights for that source and save.
you can also choose from a list of already added recipient, you can toggle them on or off.
3)Tap source-wise to start distributing leads.

NOTE: you will need to configure all source for lead distribution, you cannot have source wise lead distribution for a single source. You can either configure them or none of them.