You can import leads from your Facebook ads and Instagram ads campaign directly into 3sigma .you can import leads from multiple Facebook ads accounts, pages, and campaigns.

You will need to connect your Facebook ads account to 3igma in order to automatically import leads.

What you need to Import Leads from Facebook and Instagram

Be Facebook ads admin account
Be Facebook business leads manager

Steps to Import the leads in 3Sigma Crm:

Go to settings>manage integration >Facebook.
A web page will open up asking you to log in to your Facebook ads account and authorize 3sigma to access facebook ads to account information
Tap yes to allow requested permission. We need these permissions to access your lead data,otherwise, you will get an error.
Select the pages you want to receive leads from and tap save

That’s it! You’ll see a success screen confirming the Facebook Pages you’ve connected to your 3Sigma account.

3sigma will give you an option to import past leads from your Facebook pages .you can choose a maximum of 90 days to import your leads. any leads before that are automatically deleted by Facebook

All leads from the selected Facebook Pages will flow through to your 3sigma account going forward..

Import past leads from Facebook
3Sigma gives you an option to import your past leads going back 90 days. After successfully configuring Facebook integration

go to setting>manage integration >facebook
Select the period for which you want to import leads and tap import leads
all leads from the selected period will now be available in the 3Sigma CRM app

You can contact us at support@3sigmacrm.com if you need any help