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3sigma referral program lets you invite your friends to give them free credits, in addition to the free trial. You’ll also earn referral credits when they subscribe*.
There’s no limit on the number of referrals, so you can invite, give credits, and earn rewards for all of your friends!
You can send your friends an invitation to create a 3sigma account via the following steps:
1. Tap settings>referrals
2. Tap on SHARE INVITE LINK and select the app and recipients to share the invitation with
That’s it! All accounts created via your invitation link will be automatically credited with the referral amount and be tracked in your referral history

Referral History

The Referral History screen will show all of your referrals, split into two groups:
All 3Sigma accounts created via your invitation link will appear under your Referral History, which can be accessed via the History button on your referral screen.
○ Successful referrals that have subscribed and rewarded your account with referral credits
○ Pending referrals that have created an account, but haven’t subscribed or made their first payment yet
Referrals will automatically move from pending to successful state once they make their first subscription payment
Your account will be automatically credited once one of your referrals subscribes to 3Sigma and makes their first subscription payment*.

There’s no cap on the number of referral credits you can earn, so you can continue referring and getting rewarded for as long as you like.
Your referral credits will be automatically applied to offset your subscription payments and will be carried over to the next payment(s) if you have more credits than your payment amount. There’s no expiration of your credits.

You can check your available credits on your Subscription page. Any credits remaining will be displayed in the Available Credits section above your Billing Details. If you don’t see this section, you don’t have any available credits to use.

Your billing invoices will contain a breakdown of the credits used to offset each bill if any. These invoices are sent to your registered email address every month or year on your billing date, depending on your billing cycle

For the avoidance of doubt, your account will only receive referral credits once ALL of the following conditions are met:
1. The referred user must have used your invitation link to create their account. You can verify this by ensuring they appear in your Referral History
2. The referred user must have subscribed to 3Sigma, on either the monthly or annual plan
3. The referred user must have made their first subscription payment to 3Sigma, which only occurs at the end of their free trial
3Sigma reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. 3Sigma also reserves the right to block and/or cancel rewards for select users in the case of exploitation or misuse.