You can automatically import your justdial business directory listing leads directly into 3Sigma.you can configure multiple justdial business listings

What you need
● Have an active business listing with justdial
● Access to justdial registered email address
● Access to 3Sigma admin account

1. Go to settings>manage integrations>justdial.
2. A web page will open up that will give you a unique URL(token).please save it you will need this url in step 4.
3. You will have to decide the listing for which you want to import leads automatically.
4. You will need toforward this URL to Justdial team so the leads can be automatically pushed into 3Sigma.Please call justdial support (8888 8888 88) for further instructions.
5. Once the URL(token) is configured, the lead from your justdial listing will automatically start following into 3Sigma and will be available to you to view and take action in leads home .

Note: in case your token is compromised ,you can generate a new token ,but you will need to have it reconfigured in your justdial account .

Please contact us at support@3sigmacrm.com if you need any help.