You can automatically import IndiaMART inquiries as leads into 3sigma by connecting your indiamart account. Upon completion of the following steps, all your inquiries on IndiaMART will be pushed into 3Sigma and will be available to you as leads in leads home.

What you need to import leads?

● An active IndiaMART business listing
● Indiamart CRM key
● Indiamart registrere mobile number.
● Access to 3Sigma administrator account

Steps for importig leads from Indiamart

● Goto settings>manage integrations>indiamart
● You will be asked you enter your IndiaMART registered mobile phone and your indiamart CRM key(if you don’t have an indiamart CRM key or you don’t how to get it . Contact indiamart support at 09696969696 )
● After entering the information your indiamart leaders will be automatically pushed into 3Sigma after every 15 minutes.

Feel free to contact us at support@3sigmacrm.com if you need any help.