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How do I Create Edit Share Pages 

Pages are simple websites that contain text, images, videos, maps, and other types of content. These pages are auto-personalised for the lead or client, feature your branding and contact details, and even let you track when they are viewed.

You can add unlimited pages to your account to help you organise and share information on your products, services, events, and anything else you may need. 

To view your pages ,tap content in the menu and then tap will be able to see a list of all your uploaded pages organized by their tags.

Steps to create new page

  • To create new page go to content>pages
  • Tap the + icon on the right bottom .you will be presented with the create page screen.
  • Enter the title of your page 
  • Select the tag.tags are used to organize your pages easily .
  • Enter description 
  • Upload any images  or youtube links
  • You can also enter location on a map
  • You can also preview the page before saving them .


Steps to Share Pages in 3Sigma Crm App

You can easily share a message with a lead 

  • Tap the share button on the page
  • Select the lead 
  • Share over WhatsApp, email


Bulk Share pages

Steps for Bulk Share Pages in 3Sigma CRM App

You can easily share a page with multiple leads at once  lead 

  • Tap the share button on the page
  • Long press to select the leads 
  • Share over WhatsApp, email