You can create task for each lead so you can manage your time easily and stay on top of you work .tasks can be anything from follow ups to meetings reminders or reminder to share a quote

You can create a new task by taping the lead name in leads home then tapping task>create new task .you can choose to set reminders for task or create repeatable task ,set task tag and priority

b. How do I create or edit status or labels.

Status and labels lets you easily manage your leads in your sales pipeline.admins can create any type number of status and labels to suit their needs and workflows .
Labels can also be used to set lead priority or categorise leads according to products or affinity of a sale.

You can use status and labels to filter your leads in leads home so you can access your most important leads whenever you need them .

You can change leads label and status by taping th lead name in leads home and then tapping status and label button