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3Sigma is used by small businesses in dozens of industries around the world






Straightforward pricing for a straightforward CRM. All plans include tools for email, calling, SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does 3sigma differs from other CRM

3Sigma is a result of years of first hand Small business experience .we only had once sole focus that was how can we can we make a solutions that helps small business .features that are very easy to understand ,solve small business pain points.

How can 3Sigma help me increase my sales?

3Sigma is built for speed, simplicity and convenience. Less efforts ,smooth workflows, better insights and faster responses.

Can i add team members to 3 sigma

Yes you can add team members to 3Sigma. You can share leads with them through the app or email.

I manage my leads through excel ,how can 3 sigma help?

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what is the price for 3 sigma subscription

3Sigma starts at 19.99 (monthly)(16 usd yearly)for one month of subscription for a single user and then 29.99(monthly) for upto 5 users .

3Sigma also offers no strings attached 14 day trial period.

What lead sources can i add leads from?

We offer integrations to multiple lead sources .We are always working to increase our list of integrations partners .You can check out our intergations at (integrations page link). We are committed to breathtaking experience to our customers and we will keep on adding more lead sources


How can 3 sigma help me manage my daily task?

 3Sigma helps you manage your tasks in the app .you can set reminders view due,overdue and upcoming tasks.categorise task and act on most important tasks first


How can 3Sigma help me track customer interest

3Sigma allows you share precomposed personalised messages,branded images,videos and documents and webpages .you are notified whenever a client views them  so you can move on the most interested customers first

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