Files are text documents, images that you can upload to your 3Sigma mobile app. These are auto-personalized for the client, automatically feature your branding and contact details, and even let you track when they are viewed.


You can add unlimited files  such as product or catalogues, price lists, service brochures, event  invitations, or other information you wish to share


To view your files ,tap content in the menu and then tap files. you will be able to see a list of all your uploaded files organized by their tags.


Upload new file 


  • To upload new file go to content>files
  • Tap the + icon on the right bottom .you will be presented with the upload file page.
  • Enter the title of your file 
  • Select the tag. tags are used to organize your files easily .
  • Select the files you want to upload. you can upload multiple files at once. files uploaded together will have the same tag and serialized names .
  • You can edit the names and tags of these files later .


Deleting a file 

  • To delete a file goto content>files 
  • Tap delete on the file that you want to  delete.
  • File branding and tracking views
  • Files uploaded are automatically branded with your company name and contact details .you will be notified whenever someone views your files. this information will also be available in the activity feed and timeline of that lead.


Share file

You can easily share a file with a lead 

Bulk sharing files

You can easily share a file with a lead